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Polluted Clones


My comfort zone says

I am free to educate

Go out and play

Fearless of becoming a prey

My comfort zone says

The wonders around

Those unfairly crowned

Temporary matters

To awake and to astound

It’s not that i’m not kind Living a life i can’t leave behind When cultures pretend not to understand Setting foolish behaviors on rewind

Sitting on our knees Beneath the roots of those trees

We prayed for a moment to seize

Away from an internal heart freeze

I got to know most of the women in my town When we were buried alive in the underground They heard no sound We drew not a single frown We believed in God And choked in sand

It’s in the air It’s in the water It’s in that stair

It’s between those lines It’s in the home It’s in the direction signs

It’s who we are It’s in the clone

It’s in the scar

In the fragmented war

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