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Changing the Font: From Italic to Bold

A Poem

Changing the Font: From Italic to Bold

Written during The Flood Crises in Jeddah

Favoritism is obscene There was no defense Until in my terrain It revealed The indication of care To preclude my essence From its fundamental nature to dare

Provoke me For I am To swear

Give revolution acclaim Audacity to amend And make fair Delearn the facts For Silence makes war And words serve peace Who claimed I am not to fail!

The crude pity you, who deem civilization is measured by the peek of its buildings For it will disintegrate And divulge your naked truth Made of obnoxious mold Fragile not rare To not bare Once more Sexism & despair

What is the color of your blood? You are a target if you are fair (in Middle Eastern context) You are much hunted with long hair You are an “it” if a black tradition wraps your femininity

Fascism: with you, I guarantee a dictator Liberalism: I shall seek balance, because you represent not what’s on my television’s screen. Dogma: Because of you, my youth is blind, because of you, my land I won’t find. Faith: With your existence, faithlessness occurs and betrayal strikes the delicate and the rough. Humanity: for you are made inclusive, with or without a religion all through the human pace. Lean a little bit to the left A little to the right Adjust your smile And take a photo beside my work For your sin is to be unrecognized Between a crowd of photogenic others To have or to be I live to tell a tale I shall be

The Strongest Area in a Home is its Welcoming Door!

Jeddah, December 2012

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