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My imagination or just my day!?

If “the future is an illusion

And the past, an interpretation”

Hence, in this awakening humming rests a consolation

“I am home. I am here and in the now”

Because surely

In the present is a fascination

In the here

In the now

I met a scholar of Islam

Arriving from Kuwait, a Mauritanian man

But we met in neither

It was not our fate

Until in India when he soared toward us

His soul landed first

Fluent and translucent

Yet just like yours and mine

It remains a secret

Even from a mystic

The root to the self is a thin line

A small body followed

Loose and buoyant

The complexion of white Lenin on dark African skin

A big smile filled with adrenaline

Not of joy, but of a harmony

An awareness of what is in

He sat on the edge of a wooden chair

Recited poetry

On the ceiling he held static, a ponderous stare

We glided like birds emigrating from one land to another

From one era into the other

On waves. On clouds

Not filled with raindrops, but with emotions

From lovers to loved ones

Investigative of God’s creations

Until he set us loose

And right before I drown in my thoughts

Down the staircase he went

He vanished behind his white robe like a superhero

When I asked where he had disappeared

I was told to prepare us some Mauritanian tea

That the Muslim Arab generosity would not be recognized, he feared

He had mentioned that this tea is what makes him memorize, narrate, and see

Never alone

He sets the fire

Inviting guests through its smoke

A passerby, a visitor, or an outlier

Like the old Arab habit that he had elaborated on

Making us feel like foreigners in our ponytails, t-shirts, and sweatpants on

He told it so articulately

His lips dancing to every Arabic vowel

Even the deaf could read through this elaborate movement

Hatim Al-Tai used to tell his servant

Lighten, as the night is glacial

And the wind, you who lit the fire, is grating

Hoping a passerby would notice your fire

If it brings a guest, you are free

أوقد ، فإن الليل ليل قـر و الريح ، يا موقد ، ريح صر

عسى يرى نارك من يمر إن جلبت ضيفـاً ، فأنت حـر


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