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فاطمة البنوي تنضم إلى لجنة تحكيم المهرجان

أفلام سعودية تضيء سينما مدينة النور

يونيو ٣٠، ٢٠١٨
Telling Saudi Stories
TIME Magazine
October 2018
Screen Shot 2018-10-15 at 1.15.30 PM.png
Actress Fatima al-Banawi on
the wind of change
France 24 English
July 2018
Screen Shot 2018-09-14 at 6.24.27 PM.png
Fatima Al-Banawi's Saudi
stories mine the personal
and the universal
France 24
April 2018
Fatima Al-Banawi : dire "Je t’aime" en Arabie Saoudite
TV5 Monde 
April 2018
6 Artistes Saoudiennes Qui Créent De L’impact Social
April 2018
Saudi cinema: 35-year cinema ban lifted
BBC World Service: Newshour
February 2018
Elle met en scène les histoires d'amour saoudiennes au
Palais de Tokyo
ChEEk Magazine 
April 2018
Fatima Al-Banawi:
What’s your story?
Arab News
August 2016
The Other Story: Highlighting Our Shared Humanity
Arab Gulf States Institute in Washington
June 2017
Rotana Khalijia
Nike Middle East Campaign Celebrates Arab Pioneers
Narration by Fatima Al-Banawi
February 2017
The Other Story Project
on Rotana Khalijia
January 2017
Romantic comedy puts spotlight on desires of Saudi youth
Financial Times
October 2016
'Barakah Meets Barakah' 
Berlin Review
The Hollywood Reporter
April 2016
Arab Cinema Magazine
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كيف معرفتنا بالغير تعرفنا بنفسنا أكثر
November 2017
Article in Sand Magazine:
"A Sounding Experience with the Qur'an".
November 2015
Article in Muftah Magazine:
"A Woman's Intifada against Domestic Abuse in Saudi Arabia".
January 2016
Graduation Speech
Etijahat Program on: Women's Beauty Standards and their Impacts.
October 2015
Harvard Arab Alumni Association Graduation Speech.
June 2015
Theatre of the Oppressed
(Panel Chair: Interactive panel at Harvard Arab Weekend)
November 2014
Voice of the Voiceless: New Media and Empowerment.
December 2013
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