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June 26, 2015

"Urgent Departure" is the title of the 7th episode of this year's Ramadan series ‪#‎Selfie‬. After a critical episode on ISIS that shook minds as people broke their fast on the first two days of Ramadan, this one tackles the immediate and intimate friendship of two Sau...

June 7, 2015

أنا لا أسمع العربية إلا القديم منها.. والقديم اليوم لا ينتهي عند عبدالحليم و محمد عبدالوهاب، بل يضم أغاني عمرو دياب مثل "حبيبي يا نور العين." فكنت أغني هذه الأغنية في أيام اختبارات الثانوية العامة لصديقتي التي لديها اليوم طفلين، فترد على دندنتي بالضحك الهستيري معلنتاً:...

April 5, 2015

I heard the sound of leaves whirl in vortexes of wind as I touched their breeze on my naked extended arms; then I let the leaves whirl and I whirled in vortexes of the divine human wind as I circled my self with the sounds of Hu. In my orbit, the word Allahu began slow...

March 29, 2015

From my Cambridge journal:


Today, I spent the day in solitude, alone, at home, in the shade of my laptop, typing rabidly to professors with the same attachment; my doctor's note excusing me from school. It worked for some and didn't for others. I felt confused between...

February 2, 2015

When your nine-year-old self gets you into a class on Sound, Gender, and the Study of Religion:

When I was nine, my mother's ex-husband, who is a Muslim shaikh and imam, and who is also blind, believed in my sensitivity to music and used to call me for my "othun musiqiy...

July 26, 2014

من نافذة هذا الاستديو الصغيرة أنظر
سقوف المباني بنوافذها ذات الأرفف الوردية
كل وذوقه
نافذة مزهرة قد حاربة الزمن
ونافذة خشبها خافت يبدو عليها الأرق

سماء الليلة معتمة وقابضة
لكن ريحها تريح الصدر وتحنّ على مشغول البال
الأضواء بدأت تُقفل والشبابيك المفتوحة أغلقت
كل يدخل جُح...

January 26, 2014


If the earths and skies did not fit God

The human heart has always had

In every breath, I am a “daughter of time”

Of God’s glory

And of the human story

Of his story, her story, and mine

In life

A quest for love

Don’t you worry

A language delivered to you in the womb

Not at all...

January 17, 2014


If “the future is an illusion

And the past, an interpretation”

Hence, in this awakening humming rests a consolation

“I am home. I am here and in the now”

Because surely

In the present is a fascination


In the here

In the now

I met a scholar of Islam

Arriving from Kuwait, a Mau...

December 12, 2012


A Poem

Changing the Font: From Italic to Bold

Written during The Flood Crises in Jeddah


Favoritism is obscene
There was no defense
Until in my terrain
It revealed
The indication of care
To preclude my essence
From its fundamental nature to dare

Provoke me
For I am
To swe...

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